Kayla and Corbin’s Bellingham Wedding


Some might call Kayla and Corbin’s first encounter a lucky strike, as they first met eyes in a bowling alley in high school. “When I first saw Corbin, , he was a mystery and a breath of fresh air. He had a charismatic smile and a friendly demeanor about him, so when he walked into the bowling alley I was immediately drawn to him.” The two started dating their sophomore year – a result of a distracting text message in the middle of a test. Their first official date was the classic combination of dinner and a movie, but Kayla couldn’t tell you much about the plot. Instead, all she could think about was when he was going to make the move.

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Kendal and Mitch’s Backyard Wedding


They say that love is blind, and blind was exactly what Kendal and Mitch’s first date happened to be. With a great deal of encouraging by Mitch and Kendal’s best friends, a shy senior girl and a recently-graduated gentleman agreed to meet each other for a rather nerve-wracking first date. “My first impression of Mitch was how genuine and funny he was. I remember being so nervous to meet him for the first time. We spent our first date laughing the entire time.” Kendal shares. Mitch was also anxious , but once he laid eyes on her, all of his nerves seemed to dissipate.

Their first solo outing was an evening spent  along the Vancouver waterfront. The date turned out to be not only full of chemistry, but also a little friendly competition. The two played putt putt golf and a lively game of H.O.R.S.E. before Kendal decided to shoot for a first kiss. She scored, and after that, the ball was in Mitch’s court.

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Carissa and Daniel’s Maple Valley Wedding


There’s no better way to open up the tale of Daniel and Carissa than with their beginning, as told by the groom himself:

“It was the summer of 2007 and down in Olympia, Washington, the paths of two very different human beings were set on a collision course at Black Lake Bible Camp. The initial meeting would be marked by awkward eye contact, attempts at flirting, and the mocking of dark blue running shorts that were ‘too short’. Regardless of the precise details, the earliest interactions can be characterized by these things; she was cute and travelled in a pack, where there was safety in numbers. He was a gangly rogue, who resented the herd mentality. She noticed his mischievous smile and misplaced self-confidence. He noticed her face. The week ended, and he headed back to his home to a tree farm outside of Salem, Oregon, and she rode a bus back to Maple Valley, Washington.”

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Kiara Bright-Hancock of Bright & Co. Events


While Kiara Bright-Hancock of Bright & Co. Events may be a newcomer to the Pacific Northwest wedding planning scene, she is no stranger to organization and celebration. Combining her experience as an NFL cheerleader and 10-year administrative professional, she is now excited to begin a new chapter. What better way to infuse her enthusiasm and attention to detail than with a career in wedding and event planning? Her future is off to a promising start, as she was just named a recipient of a scholarship to attend next year’s Sinclair and Moore workshop, “The Elements of Event Design.” Get to know Kiara and her new venture, Bright & Co. Events below:

What sparked your love for weddings and event planning?

I have always had a knack for organization and planning (as demonstrated by my profession.) When I planned my own wedding, I was able to infuse that knack with my passion for parties and celebrating big events…and voila! Bright & Co. Events was born. The icing on the cake for me was being able to be there for people on some of the biggest days of their lives and to help them celebrate while enabling them to be present and in the moment to enjoy and create the memories that will last them a lifetime! Being a part of something like that is so special to me.

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Local Love: Pacific Northwest Styled Shoot


If you’ve ever questioned if the Northwest is truly best, this locally and sustainably sourced styled shoot by Lightworks360 Photography is sure to remind you why fell in love with the place you call home. We’ve got a lot to be proud of in the upper left, and collaborative talent that shines through these images is no exception. This Pacific Northwest styled shoot is rich with inspiration to make your wedding not only only a celebration of your love, but of all the creativity and beauty that the region radiates.

Learn more about the story behind this styled shoot:

Being born and raised in the incredible Pacific Northwest, with mountains as a headboard, the beach as a pillow, and the forest as a blanket… it makes a girl pretty spoiled. As I assembled my dream team for our end-of-season styled shoot this year, I had two strong visions: I ONLY wanted a locally-based, female-led team for our vendors, and I wanted to display as much of the crazy-beautiful variations on the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest.


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Kara and Ryan’s Sweet Snohomish Wedding

Kara and Ryan's Snohomish Wedding | Betty Globa Photography | Northwed

No amount of rain could dampen the love and joy that filled Kara and Ryan’s Snohomish wedding at Thomas Family Farm. The images by Betty Globa Photography captured not only the darling details of the occasion, but the undeniable chemistry between the bride and groom. Once you read through their story, you’ll see why Kara and Ryan put the “sweet” in high school sweethearts.

It began with a question. Kara, who had barely spoken a word to the cute boy she believed to be “way too good for her,” had been somewhat forcefully convinced by her friends to ask Ryan to their tenth grade Tolo. Little did Kara know, Ryan had shared the same sentiment before she offered the invitation. “I thought she was way out of my league and that I didn’t have a chance!” The following night, Ryan asked Kara to sit next to her at their friend group’s outing to see Dear John, and feelings began to flourish.

“I know this seems crazy, but I was barely sixteen at the time and I knew then.” Kara shares. Six months into dating, the two of them agreed to share coffee and an important conversation. “I remember meeting at Starbucks and being so nervous to say out loud that I was in love with Kara,” says Ryan. “We both decided that our feelings were mutual and that we were in it for the long haul.” she adds.

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Carly and Jeremy’s Lake Crescent Wedding

Carly and Jeremy Love Story

It was love at first “like” for Carly and Jeremy, whose initial interaction took place over Instagram. A follow from Jeremy and a few double-taps from Carly led to many long distance dials and Skype exchanges, but screens could only suffice for so long. After a month, Carly decided to buy a plane ticket to visit Jeremy in the Lone Star State. As it turns out, the purchase button wasn’t the only thing that clicked. “I knew [that I wanted to spend my life with him] the immediate moment I bought my first plane ticket to see him.” Once the two met eyes in the San Antonio airport, their future really took off. Jeremy instantly sensed that he was going to marry her too.

Downtown San Antonio proved to be a very special spot for the two of them. It was there that the two strolled the famous Riverwalk for their first date and shared an extravagant Valentine’s dinner date upon Jeremy’s return from deployment. They also returned to the scene of their first date for a rather “hot” proposal, fueled by their mutual love of Taco Bell. “Whenever we would go to Taco Bell, I would toss him the fire sauce that had the message “Will you marry me?” on it, just jokingly passing the hint along.” Carly explained. One day, Jeremy finally took the bait. Mid-Riverwalk, Jeremy stopped Carly and handed her the fire sauce. Confused, Carly started to laugh, then, she shared, “he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring I had been eyeing for forever!” Tears of joy and applause from bystanders followed the sweet, yet spicy, gesture.

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Darcie and Colin’s Rustic Wedding

Inspired Productionz

There’s no telling how many times Colin looked for an excuse to go back to the bank where he first laid eyes on the beautiful bank teller, Darcie. From the day he first went to the drive-up with his mother to help her make a deposit, he gladly took on the role of his mother’s personal financial assistant. Darcie, drawn by Colin’s cool confidence, didn’t mind seeing his “crystal blue eyes” again, either. “I knew instantly he had a generous personality and would do anything to help a friend out,” she says. Her character judgment was soon affirmed. “One time before he and I were dating, I had mentioned to him that I couldn’t see very well because my wiper blades were so bad on my Jeep. He took it upon himself to go buy me new ones and switch them out while I was working without me knowing.” It became clear that there was something between the two of them, so they took to a Chinese restaurant for their first date.

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Fancy Pants: 5 Wedding Jumpsuits to Love

Gone are the days of brides abiding to the strict rule of buying a single white gown for the big day. The modern bride now opts for everything from unexpected color and shorter hemlines to multiple looks for her ceremony and reception. A wedding jumpsuit is a favorite trend of fashion-forward brides looking for something that is chic and stands out. Perfectly tailored with unexpected silhouettes and details, I’ve put together a collection of jumpsuits that each offer something that dresses simply don’t deliver. Whether it’s chic culottes, all-over lace, or structural sophistication, these jumpsuits were meant for the bride who is daring enough to not only try but set trends.

Monique Lhuillier 

paigejumpsuit_silkwhite_main_0With beautiful boning in the bodice and slim tailored pant legs, this Monique Lhuillier jumpsuit marries all the best parts of a fitted mermaid dress and high-waisted skinny trousers. All-over lace and subtle eyelash details lining the sweetheart neckline ensure a feminine, bridal feeling.

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Crushing on the Christos Spring 2016 Collection

If the Christos Spring 2016 collection could be summed up in one word, it would be ethereal. With flawless, flowing tulle and dreamy details, each and every one of the eight gowns are visions of airy romance. Get lost in the collection’s most breathtaking looks below:

HaydenChristos gownhayden back

The dainty flowers dotting the illusion neckline and short sleeves of the Hayden gown are a  stunning ode to nature’s intricacy. The dress’ smooth, tulle skirts fall beautifully, and its simplicity allows the bodice detailing to shine. The small blooms continue onto the gorgeous v-back, ensuring wow-factor whether the bride is making her grand entrance or bidding guests goodbye.


Sultry yet sweet, the fitted lace-covered corset of the Lina gown contrasts flawlessly with its fuller tulle skirt. Ultra-thin spaghetti straps supply a detailed and unexpected feminine touch that a strapless neckline couldn’t have delivered. There’s no need for beading or bling with its sophisticated and ballerina-like silhouette.



Fit for the free-spirited, the Mabel gown walks the line between bohemian and refined with its elegant details and relaxed shift shape. The embroidered bodice is accented with a show-stopping wraparound ruffle that serves as on-trend off-the-shoulder sleeves.


The Mila gown is a drop-dead-gorgeous update to the ever-popular mermaid gown. Tulle straps overlay a deep sweetheart neckline for the ultimate touch of class, while its all-over Chantilly lace shimmers with subtle beading.

Have you fallen in love? Luckily for Seattle locals, we can swoon over Christos in real life at the Green Lake-based boutique, The Dress Theory.

Be sure to check out the complete collection of dresses here.