Carissa and Daniel’s Maple Valley Wedding


There’s no better way to open up the tale of Daniel and Carissa than with their beginning, as told by the groom himself:

“It was the summer of 2007 and down in Olympia, Washington, the paths of two very different human beings were set on a collision course at Black Lake Bible Camp. The initial meeting would be marked by awkward eye contact, attempts at flirting, and the mocking of dark blue running shorts that were ‘too short’. Regardless of the precise details, the earliest interactions can be characterized by these things; she was cute and travelled in a pack, where there was safety in numbers. He was a gangly rogue, who resented the herd mentality. She noticed his mischievous smile and misplaced self-confidence. He noticed her face. The week ended, and he headed back to his home to a tree farm outside of Salem, Oregon, and she rode a bus back to Maple Valley, Washington.”

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Mattie and Morgan’s Mountain Top Engagement

Mattie and Morgan Engagement (for submission)-28

Surrounded by picturesque peaks of Mount Baker at Artist Point, Mattie and Morgan’s mountain top engagement is a stunning representation of not only the region’s rich landscape, but the natural beauty stemming from their romance. Relationships certainly have their share of grand moments, and the images of the two walking hand in hand on the snow-covered mountain top beautifully evokes majesty.  What’s so special about love, though, is that it allows for magic to be found in the midst of everyday life too.

Mattie and Morgan originally met in the other Washington, but found Seattle to be the perfect place to fit their lifestyle. “We both enjoy getting outdoors and hiking in the beautiful forests and mountains that surround us, so we wanted to choose an engagement shoot location that would complement our interests,” Morgan shared. From the down-to-earth shots with their dog and their kisses in rain gear, it’s easy to see the joy radiating from Mattie and Morgan from simply just being with one another and doing what they love. Enjoy their adventure captured by the talented JTobiason Photography.

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