I Still Do: A Holiday Celebration

The holiday season is the time to reflect on all of the love that fills our lives. Whether it’s spending time with family or sharing mistletoe and midnight kisses, it’s hard not to notice the extra bit of magic in the air.

One couple decided to make the most of the most wonderful time of the year by celebrating their ten years of marriage.

The enchanting  “I Still Do” photo shoot and surprise gathering was Scott’s gift to his wife, Bethany for their anniversary – all captured by  the talented Rachel of Frit~Fru Photography.

Bethany shares: “He told me we were doing a wedding-themed photo shoot…when it turned out he had actually invited our closest friends and family for a dinner party to celebrate! After we were well into the photo shoot, we “happened” to walk into a little clearing in the woods that was straight out of a fairy tale! Every detail was perfect and looked like it belonged there–twinkle lights and vintage tableware in the middle of the forest. Scott designed and built the gorgeous table around the tree in the clearing and a rustic bar for drinks. Our daughters, parents, siblings, and closest friends all came to celebrate with us, Scott’s family cooked us all an incredible meal, and we lingered late into the night…until the generator powering the twinkle lights ran out of power! It was such a special and beautiful night.”

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The Details:

Photography: Frit~Fru Photography

Ribbons: Silk & Willow

Calligraphy : Painted Cloud Studios






First Dance Songs by Seattle Artists


Photo by Alexandra Celia

There must be something in the water (or coffee) here in Seattle, because the Emerald City boasts some serious talent when it comes to music. If you’re looking for the first song that you’ll dance to as husband and wife, why not look to the artists from the same region where the two of you fell in love?  From the unexpected to the up-and-coming, consider swaying to these first dance songs, all by musicians that call Seattle home:

Brandi Carlile – Heaven

The folksy guitar and Carlile’s soft, yet rugged vocals make this rendition of Heaven ideal for sharing forehead kisses. Not to mention, the lyrics are right on target with how it feels to find “the one.”

Favorite lyrics: “I’ve been waiting for so long, for something to arrive, for love to come alive. Our dreams are coming true, through the good times and the bad, I’ll be standing there by you.”

Hallstrom – Fire in Your Bones

Don’t be surprised if you shed a few tears as you listen to this mega-talented husband and wife duo sing of their love and what it’d be like if they didn’t have each other. Complete with lyrics that couldn’t be more perfect for a wedding (he even says “you never walked to me dressed in white”), this song will make you realize how lucky you are to share your life with the one you love.

Favorite lyrics: “I’ve been building our home, since the day that I asked for your name.”

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Seattle and Portland Bachelorette Party Ideas

Image via AceHotel.com

While some brides-to-be still dream of making memories that “stay in Vegas,” more and more ladies are opting for grown-up getaways that are a little more appropriate for social media. Seattle, Portland, and the rest of the Pacific Northwest region are rich with potential for an unforgettable bachelorette party, and with so much variety, there’s bound to be a celebration location fit for you and your clique.

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