Marisa and Krzysztof’s Classic Woodinville Wedding

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Cupid was certainly to thank for Marisa and Krzysztof’s decision to tie the knot. First meeting via OkCupid, the couple decided to meet in person at the McMenamin’s in lower Queen Anne for a drink. Both Marisa and Krzysztof speak to the comfort they found in their first impressions, as if they weren’t first impressions at all. “Spending time with Krzysztof felt familiar. I was almost immediately comfortable around him. I could tell he was kind, caring, intelligent, and personable.” Kryzsztof echoes, “We could talk for hours, and it seemed like no time had passed by. I was keen on getting to know her, and I could tell the sentiment was mutual.”

Their ease of conversation and desire to get to know one another continued to bloom. While their wasn’t a specific”aha” moment that they knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives with one another, they soon became inseparable. “Before we knew it, we knew that we wanted to be together and grow old together.”

The proposal was a sweet nod to the beginning of the life and home they’d share together. Krzysztof had put in an offer on a house, and they’d found out it was accepted a day after the two had returned from a trip to Kauai. After the sunset, they were checking out the new house and were about to leave for dinner when Krzysztof told Marisa he had one more question. He knelt down on one knee in the empty living room of their new house and before he could finish the question, Marisa excitedly said yes, crying tears of joy.

Their wedding day was a simple, elegant, and fun tribute to their love story and their love for the Pacific Northwest, coordinated by Jen Leslie Events and captured by Veesh Photography. “My favorite moment was at the end of our ceremony, walking down the aisle and seeing all of our family and friends, smiling and celebrating with us. I think I was too nervous and excited to notice anyone on the way down the aisle, but on the way out, I was amazed at all of the people who have supported us our journey to become partners for the rest of our lives.” As for the groom, his favorite moment was welcoming guests as they arrived for the cocktail hour. “It was a joy to hug and chat with each and every friend and family member as they came to start the festivities. It was the first formal way for us to acknowledge the union of all the people in both of our lives.”

To sum up the best part of being married, Krzysztof cites the quote, “Happiness is only real when shared.” He says, “It’s the fact that you’re with someone who you want to share all of your happiest moments with, and who makes you happy in seemingly effortless ways.” Marisa says, “The best part of marriage is knowing that we are sharing the rest of this unpredictable journey of life together. We will have many ups and downs, but knowing that I have someone to share life with means more than anything to me.”

The Details:

Venue: The Hollywood Schoolhouse, Woodinville, WA

Wedding Coordination: Jen Leslie Events

Photographer: Veesh Photography

DJ: Levi Harshman of Remarkable Production

Flowers: Anna Brandt of Distinctive Design Florist

Hair and Makeup Artistry: Kendra Springer of KLS Makeup Artistry

Groom’s Apparel: Vera Wang

Bride’s Dress: Stella York via Blue Sky Bridal

Officiant: Rev. Patrick Callahan

I Still Do: A Holiday Celebration

The holiday season is the time to reflect on all of the love that fills our lives. Whether it’s spending time with family or sharing mistletoe and midnight kisses, it’s hard not to notice the extra bit of magic in the air.

One couple decided to make the most of the most wonderful time of the year by celebrating their ten years of marriage.

The enchanting  “I Still Do” photo shoot and surprise gathering was Scott’s gift to his wife, Bethany for their anniversary – all captured by  the talented Rachel of Frit~Fru Photography.

Bethany shares: “He told me we were doing a wedding-themed photo shoot…when it turned out he had actually invited our closest friends and family for a dinner party to celebrate! After we were well into the photo shoot, we “happened” to walk into a little clearing in the woods that was straight out of a fairy tale! Every detail was perfect and looked like it belonged there–twinkle lights and vintage tableware in the middle of the forest. Scott designed and built the gorgeous table around the tree in the clearing and a rustic bar for drinks. Our daughters, parents, siblings, and closest friends all came to celebrate with us, Scott’s family cooked us all an incredible meal, and we lingered late into the night…until the generator powering the twinkle lights ran out of power! It was such a special and beautiful night.”

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The Details:

Photography: Frit~Fru Photography

Ribbons: Silk & Willow

Calligraphy : Painted Cloud Studios






Love and a VW Camper: An Anniversary Session

December is here, and with it comes the time to be wonderstruck by the beauty of the  season once more. There’s something magic about that light, foggy haze of winter, and not to mention, the chillier temperatures outside mean all the more reason to cozy in with the one you love.

To celebrate their anniversary, Ariana and Caleb took to Mount Baker and the Snoqualmie National Forest for a charming photo session. When you set a classic VW camper, a couple in love, and a dog against one of the prettiest sights in the PNW, it’s hard not to strike photographic gold – and that’s exactly what Sprigs and Jade yielded.

dsc_2163 dsc_1653dsc_1494 dsc_2092 dsc_1626 dsc_1507 dsc_1514 dsc_1546 dsc_2070dsc_2044dsc_2072dsc_1582

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Charming Portland Garden Wedding


One could say that “the Force” brought Ben and Anna together – the force of love, that is. Marrying a “little bit of a Star Wars nerd,” the bride surprised her groom with custom-made Hans Solo and Princess Leia cake toppers that resembled the two of them, while Ben spent weeks making a 7 1/2 foot tall Star Wars photo booth that was absolutely adored by guests. The celebration was aglow with lightsaber fights and camera flashes from all the subsequent poses. All Star Wars references aside,  the wedding day was a beautiful display of family and friends coming together to celebrate the beginning of a new saga all captured by Benjamin Clifford Photography.

The couple took to Canemah Park in Oregon City for their first look. “I was so excited to see my future husband Ben and for him to see me in my dress for the first time, I could hardly contain myself. It was a very special moment for the both of us – so much emotion pours out in that moment. He was perfect and I could not wait to marry that man.” In true Pacific Northwest fashion, it began  to rain off and on. “I was trying to do my best and not panic with it being an outdoor venue. The umbrellas, however, made for some really fun pictures.”

Another unique element of their Portland garden wedding was their intimate vow exchange, only attended by their photographers and the honor of having Ben’s step brother pronounce them as husband and wife. Celebrating the start of their journey, guests cheered and tossed pink rose petals our way.

“We had so much fun I forgot all about the rain, the torn dress and all the other minor things that go wrong at weddings. We just danced the night away and enjoyed our magical day! Our wedding was unforgettable, by far the best day of my life. After all, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is your love and commitment to one another. Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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The Details:


Venue: Abernethy Center
Photography: Benjamin Clifford
Dress: Bridal Exclusives
Groom’s Attire: Nordstom
DJ: Jerry Erven
Cake: Florika
Hair and Makeup Artist: Luba Gannotskiy
Bridal Party Bouquets: Brenda Fields

Brooke and James’ Lopez Island Wedding

brookejames-lightworks360(47of65)Camping supplies? Check. Grocery list? Check. Love at first sight? Check.  Brooke and James first met at a planning meeting for a group trip to Sasquatch. James recalls being unable to take his eyes off of her, and Brooke found his eyes and his sense of humor quite charming, as well.

After spending a weekend together at the Gorge, they shared a delicious dinner and quality conversation at Joule for their first date. Both remember being a little nervous, but at the same time, as comfortable as if they’d known each other forever.

The two of them found that travel very well together, and the trips they’ve shared each have marked important milestones in their relationship. What sealed the deal for their relationship was a six week trip throughout Southeast Asia. “I’ve never been across any sea , nor with someone I was dating. I had the best time of my life and shared it with her. We were walking off the plane after we landed in Seattle and that’s when I knew without doubt.” James recalls. Their proposal took place one year following, upon their return from a trip to Mexico. After walking off the plane in Seattle, Brooke had found James on one knee in baggage claim, which she had initially understood as innocently digging through his  luggage. Much to her delight, he pulled out a ring and proposed. “It was spontaneous and perfect for us.” Brooke shares. Their wedding day was as perfect for the two of them, as their photographers Laura and Tim of Lightworks 360 explain:

“Local artist Brooke Westlund (you can find her work at her airy Pike Place studio, and at always has a clear vision, and her wedding day was no exception. For her Lopez Island nuptials with fiance James Lee, there were a few things she knew for certain: it would be simple, it would be handcrafted, and it would include the family history that brought them to the island in the first place. Brooke’s great-grandparents homesteaded on waterfront property on the gorgeous island nearly a century ago— and the barn, house, and accompanying property are all still in the family. Designing her couples portraits to include the barn (even going so far as to climb through century-old dust in her pristine gown, just to get the perfect photo), the property, and her father’s vintage Chevrolet, Brooke gave nods to her roots on every aspect of the day. With the ceremony planned for the waterfront lawn at the newer family home, her parents worked all spring and summer to create a fully-blooming dahlia garden, from which Brooke created her wedding day bouquet. The laid-back, love-infused atmosphere was a priority for her: when heavy raindrops began to douse the ceremony location within half an hour of the wedding, family and friends pulled chairs underneath the deck’s overhang and huddled together joyfully for the ceremony, as if it had been the plan all along. Later, they were treated to an extended multi-course dinner, complete with wine pairings, at the neighboring Bay Cafe. Brooke’s life and passion is her art, and it only made sense for her to design her own day from scratch: from doing her own hair and makeup, to creating invitations by hand, her artistic vision was apparent from beginning to end. If only her Lopez Island ancestors could have seen the celebration!

brookejames-lightworks360(1of65) brookejames-lightworks360(3of65) brookejames-lightworks360(4of65) brookejames-lightworks360(16of65)brookejames-lightworks360(7of65)brookejames-lightworks360(23of65) brookejames-lightworks360(24of65) brookejames-lightworks360(25of65) brookejames-lightworks360(38of65) brookejames-lightworks360(39of65) brookejames-lightworks360(37of65) brookejames-lightworks360(42of65)brookejames-lightworks360(44of65) brookejames-lightworks360(45of65)brookejames-lightworks360(54of65) brookejames-lightworks360(63of65) brookejames-lightworks360(64of65) brookejames-lightworks360(62of65)

The Details:
Photographer: Lightworks360
Catering: The Bay Cafe
Dress: Sally Crew Couture via La Belle Elaine’s
Groom’s Apparel: Samuelshon via Nordstrom

Aly and Zach’s Heartfelt Wedding

IMG_9515Aly and Zach’s wedding is first of three featured in the first issue of Northwed Magazine. It’s been such an honor to feature their sweet story. They first met studying design at Western Washington University, and you can catch their adorable engagement session and movie-like proposal story here.

When it came to planning their wedding, they made sure that they day was centered on what they both hold to be the most significant: the love they share for Christ and their families. The strengths and talents of loved ones were on full display with the day’s DIY elements – from the flowers and décor to the courses and cake. Keeping the place that they met close to heart, almost every vendor they did hire was based in Bellingham. The bride and groom put their design-inclined minds together to ensure that all the factors of their wedding were tied together with beautiful branding.

Their first look was nothing but joyous. Every bit of anxiety Aly had been harboring on the morning of dissipated as soon as she saw her soon-to-be husband. Zach, not one to typically shed tears, was overcome with joy as well. “When he saw me, he gave me the most genuine look… I will never forget the love I felt as he cried seeing me as his bride for the first time. It was one of the most special moments of my life.” Aly recounts.

A favorite moment of Aly’s was her surprise singing performance dedicated to Zach. He’d requested her rendition of “When I Say I Do” by Matthew West, but she’d previously dismissed the idea due to her anticipated nerves. However, she decided that the reward would be worth the risk. She was right, as her performance brought tears to Zach’s eyes once more.

Another memory they’ll cherish is their 15-minute post-ceremony escape to soak in being husband and wife away from the crowd. Sitting in Zach’s grandfather’s truck, they shouted in celebration and shared a glass of wine, moments that can only be described as surreal. Simply put, “marriage is the best.”

IMG_0723IMG_1137Aly and Zach's Heartfelt Wedding | Shelby Payne Photography | Northwed MagazineAly and Zach's Heartfelt Wedding | Shelby Payne Photography | Northwed MagazineIMG_9493Aly and Zach's Heartfelt Wedding | Shelby Payne Photography | Northwed Magazine IMG_0941 IMG_0978IMG_1215 IMG_1211 IMG_1223IMG_1229IMG_1145IMG_1240 IMG_9334IMG_9532

Don’t forget to check out the first digital issue here.

The Details:

Photographer: Shelby Payne Photography
Flowers: Contemporary Floral (bouquet and boutonnières)
Venue: Tazer Valley Farms
Officiant: Jeff Potts, Canyon Hills Community Church
Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Marie Makeup
Hair Stylist: Brooklyn Matthysse of Something Different Salon
Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia from Bellevue Bridal Boutique
Groom Attire: Men’s Wearhouse 
DJ: Janie Kelley
Videographer: RP Imagery

Kayla and Corbin’s Bellingham Wedding


Some might call Kayla and Corbin’s first encounter a lucky strike, as they first met eyes in a bowling alley in high school. “When I first saw Corbin, , he was a mystery and a breath of fresh air. He had a charismatic smile and a friendly demeanor about him, so when he walked into the bowling alley I was immediately drawn to him.” The two started dating their sophomore year – a result of a distracting text message in the middle of a test. Their first official date was the classic combination of dinner and a movie, but Kayla couldn’t tell you much about the plot. Instead, all she could think about was when he was going to make the move.

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Kendal and Mitch’s Backyard Wedding


They say that love is blind, and blind was exactly what Kendal and Mitch’s first date happened to be. With a great deal of encouraging by Mitch and Kendal’s best friends, a shy senior girl and a recently-graduated gentleman agreed to meet each other for a rather nerve-wracking first date. “My first impression of Mitch was how genuine and funny he was. I remember being so nervous to meet him for the first time. We spent our first date laughing the entire time.” Kendal shares. Mitch was also anxious , but once he laid eyes on her, all of his nerves seemed to dissipate.

Their first solo outing was an evening spent  along the Vancouver waterfront. The date turned out to be not only full of chemistry, but also a little friendly competition. The two played putt putt golf and a lively game of H.O.R.S.E. before Kendal decided to shoot for a first kiss. She scored, and after that, the ball was in Mitch’s court.

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Carissa and Daniel’s Maple Valley Wedding


There’s no better way to open up the tale of Daniel and Carissa than with their beginning, as told by the groom himself:

“It was the summer of 2007 and down in Olympia, Washington, the paths of two very different human beings were set on a collision course at Black Lake Bible Camp. The initial meeting would be marked by awkward eye contact, attempts at flirting, and the mocking of dark blue running shorts that were ‘too short’. Regardless of the precise details, the earliest interactions can be characterized by these things; she was cute and travelled in a pack, where there was safety in numbers. He was a gangly rogue, who resented the herd mentality. She noticed his mischievous smile and misplaced self-confidence. He noticed her face. The week ended, and he headed back to his home to a tree farm outside of Salem, Oregon, and she rode a bus back to Maple Valley, Washington.”

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Kara and Ryan’s Sweet Snohomish Wedding

Kara and Ryan's Snohomish Wedding | Betty Globa Photography | Northwed

No amount of rain could dampen the love and joy that filled Kara and Ryan’s Snohomish wedding at Thomas Family Farm. The images by Betty Globa Photography captured not only the darling details of the occasion, but the undeniable chemistry between the bride and groom. Once you read through their story, you’ll see why Kara and Ryan put the “sweet” in high school sweethearts.

It began with a question. Kara, who had barely spoken a word to the cute boy she believed to be “way too good for her,” had been somewhat forcefully convinced by her friends to ask Ryan to their tenth grade Tolo. Little did Kara know, Ryan had shared the same sentiment before she offered the invitation. “I thought she was way out of my league and that I didn’t have a chance!” The following night, Ryan asked Kara to sit next to her at their friend group’s outing to see Dear John, and feelings began to flourish.

“I know this seems crazy, but I was barely sixteen at the time and I knew then.” Kara shares. Six months into dating, the two of them agreed to share coffee and an important conversation. “I remember meeting at Starbucks and being so nervous to say out loud that I was in love with Kara,” says Ryan. “We both decided that our feelings were mutual and that we were in it for the long haul.” she adds.

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Jessica and Tommy’s Elegant Walla Walla Wedding

Alexandra Celia Photography - Jess and Tommy-612

Some time ago in the city of Pullman, two Washington State Cougars named Jessica and Tommy crossed paths. Despite having a few classes and a dorm building in common their freshman year, they didn’t truly to know each other until they were sophomores. “I thought she was the prettiest girl on campus, but the butterflies in my stomach made it hard for me to muscle up the courage to ask her out for a little while.”  Jessica’s shyness began to soften as she admired the gentlemanly ways of Tommy. “He held the door open for me every single time.”

Their first date was a little on the scary side, as they went to see A Nightmare on Elm Street. “I picked out the movie and it was a terrible choice…I found out later that Tommy hates scary movies. We were so awkward. It gives me the butterflies just thinking about it. ” Tommy was grateful to be getting a second chance after he’d thought he’d blown it. “We held hands like middle-schoolers,” he recalls.

Tommy was willing to sit through terror for Jessica, because he knew that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with from the start. “I knew right away.  I could just tell.  I put that Randy Travis “Forever and Ever, Amen” song on repeat.  It took a while to propose only because I wanted it to be the right timing in both of our lives.” Jessica knew he was the one after she saw the space where Tommy lived. “He is very organized and keeps a bulletin board full of goals and quotes. One of his goals was to be a good dad. I thought it was cute. Then once I met his family it solidified it for me. I got the whole package!”

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Carly and Jeremy’s Lake Crescent Wedding

Carly and Jeremy Love Story

It was love at first “like” for Carly and Jeremy, whose initial interaction took place over Instagram. A follow from Jeremy and a few double-taps from Carly led to many long distance dials and Skype exchanges, but screens could only suffice for so long. After a month, Carly decided to buy a plane ticket to visit Jeremy in the Lone Star State. As it turns out, the purchase button wasn’t the only thing that clicked. “I knew [that I wanted to spend my life with him] the immediate moment I bought my first plane ticket to see him.” Once the two met eyes in the San Antonio airport, their future really took off. Jeremy instantly sensed that he was going to marry her too.

Downtown San Antonio proved to be a very special spot for the two of them. It was there that the two strolled the famous Riverwalk for their first date and shared an extravagant Valentine’s dinner date upon Jeremy’s return from deployment. They also returned to the scene of their first date for a rather “hot” proposal, fueled by their mutual love of Taco Bell. “Whenever we would go to Taco Bell, I would toss him the fire sauce that had the message “Will you marry me?” on it, just jokingly passing the hint along.” Carly explained. One day, Jeremy finally took the bait. Mid-Riverwalk, Jeremy stopped Carly and handed her the fire sauce. Confused, Carly started to laugh, then, she shared, “he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring I had been eyeing for forever!” Tears of joy and applause from bystanders followed the sweet, yet spicy, gesture.

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Darcie and Colin’s Rustic Wedding

Inspired Productionz

There’s no telling how many times Colin looked for an excuse to go back to the bank where he first laid eyes on the beautiful bank teller, Darcie. From the day he first went to the drive-up with his mother to help her make a deposit, he gladly took on the role of his mother’s personal financial assistant. Darcie, drawn by Colin’s cool confidence, didn’t mind seeing his “crystal blue eyes” again, either. “I knew instantly he had a generous personality and would do anything to help a friend out,” she says. Her character judgment was soon affirmed. “One time before he and I were dating, I had mentioned to him that I couldn’t see very well because my wiper blades were so bad on my Jeep. He took it upon himself to go buy me new ones and switch them out while I was working without me knowing.” It became clear that there was something between the two of them, so they took to a Chinese restaurant for their first date.

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Ashley and Shawn’s Forks Wedding

Northwed Love Story | Ashley and Shawn

A wedding is much more than a gorgeous gown, vibrant flowers, and a breathtaking venue. While Ashley and Shawn’s sweet celebration in Forks, Washington had all of those elements, it’s the sentiment and significance of their occasion that truly stands out. Their wedding served as a confirmation of their commitment to one another and the first step towards a lifetime of love. It’s easy to see the excitement and passion emanating from the high school sweethearts in these stunning images captured by Samantha McFarlen.

The first page of Ashley and Shawn’s love story was written when Ashley was a junior and Shawn was a senior. Ashley’s red hair caught the eye of the upperclassman, and he found her to be strikingly humorous. Ashley was flattered and thought him to be quite charming as well. For their first date, Shawn invited Ashley over to his mom’s house to enjoy the comedy classic, She’s the Man. It wasn’t long after till Shawn was thinking She’s the One. “Even though we were just in high school, I knew right away,” says Shawn. When you know, you know, and Ashley knew it too.

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