Aly and Zach’s Engagement Session


Aly and Zach first met in their graphic design program at Western Washington University, and it wasn’t until they entered into their BFA programs that they discovered that they were designed for one another. Aly secured an internship in his hometown, which led to the two of them spending time plenty of time together as he showed her around the streets of Edmonds.

When Zach decided to make things official with Aly, it was something right out of a movie. It was the last day of their internships and he’d hand-crafted a drive-in theater in his backyard. “He had a projector and screen set up, a comfortable spot in the bed of his truck to watch a movie, all of my favorite snacks, and a bouquet of flowers,” Aly shares. As if that wasn’t romantic enough, that night was also the night of their first kiss.

Another big question followed a year and a half later, with the proposal falling on Aly’s birthday. “He again surprised me with a weekend of my favorite things, including a surprise ferry ride out to Clinton, WA beach where he set up his phone and secretly caught the whole proposal on video!” The two of them called on Shelby Payne Photography to capture their sweet story in this endearing engagement session:

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